Yusupov Shukhrat Abdurasulovich
Head of the department: Doctor of Medical Sciences Associate Professor

Reception time: Monday-Friday time - 14:00
Phone: +998915481613
E-mail: Shuchrat_66@mail.ru
Address: Samarkand, st. Mirzo Ulugbek, 70a


Full name Position
Yusupov Shuxrat Abdurasulovich Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
Shamsiev Azamat Muxitdinovich Professor
Atakulov Jamshed Ostonakulovich Professor
Baymuradov Nemat Sadriddinovich Docent
Zayniyev Suxrob Sobirovich Associate Professor
Raximov Faxriddin Eshmamatovich Senior Lecturer
Davronov Bobir Latipovich Part-time assistant
Boyjigitov Nusratillo Isrofilovich Teacher
Ibragimov Otabek Abilovich Teacher
Maxmatkulov Xamidullo Gaybullaevich Trainee teacher
Raxmatov Bekzod Nasriddinovich Trainee teacher
Pulatov Parviz Amriddinovich Trainee teacher
Usanov Alijon Teacher
Raximov Anvar Komilovich Trainee teacher
Kodirov Nizom Daminovich Part-time teacher
Shaxriyev Abduqodir Kamolovich Associate Professor
Suvankulov Uktam Toirovich Part-time teacher


  In 1985, the rector of SamMI prof. In collaboration with SA Aripov on the basis of the regional children's hospital the department of pediatric surgery No. 2 was established and the department was headed by prof. A. M. Shamsiev was appointed head. A 60-seat department of pediatric surgery was established, in which SM Pashaliev (head of the department), residents EA Rasulov, Yu.A. Turaev, EE Kobilov, ZA Kimyagarov worked. The first employees of the department were NR Mamurov, MG Asadulina, DO Atakulov, MS Musaev, TN Umirov. In 1989, AM Shamsiev was the head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery No. 2 at SamMI. This association was established on June 26, 1996 by the governor of Samarkand region. According to the decision No. 130-K, it was transformed into the "Scientific Center of Pediatric Surgery". Scientific Center of Pediatric Surgery Samarkand State Medical Institute
  The clinical base of the department of pediatric surgery of the hospital is designed for 200 beds.
It includes thoracic surgery, urology, emergency and purulent surgery, scheduled surgery, cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, one-day surgical inpatient, laboratory-diagnostic departments.
  In 1997-2007 UzR. In cooperation with the Samarkand branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the grant of the Fund for Support of Fundamental Investigations of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, UzR. Scientific research was conducted in 7 projects of the State Priority Scientific and Thematic Areas of GKNT. Currently, the staff of the department conducts research on practical and innovative projects.
  The role of the student scientific society of the department in the training of scientific personnel is invaluable. Its members have been actively participating in all Russian scientific conferences for more than 20 years and have won prizes (13 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal).
In recent years, the Republican Center for Pediatric Surgery organizes a wide range of national and international conferences.
  At present, the department has doctors of sciences, Professor A.M. Shamsiev, D.O. Atakulov, associate professors N.S. Boymurodov, S.S. Zayniev, A.K. Shakhriev, UT Suvankulov, AM Isakov, candidates of medical sciences ZM, Mahmudov and young assistants.
  In addition to educational work, the department conducts multidisciplinary research on destructive pneumonia, acute hematogenous osteomyelitis, liver pathology, severe forms of peritonitis, diagnostics of respiratory, digestive and genital systems and new methods of surgical treatment.
The next decade of development in pediatric surgery will undoubtedly be a period of further development of the principle of minimally invasiveness applied in addressing the most diverse, complex and areas of surgical practice.


 The names of the theme Monograph, manuals, methodical recommendation. Authors
1. Genetic methods of chronical bronchitis diagnosis in children Manual
Samarkand, 2016 A.M.Shamsiev,
2. Surgical treatment of echinokokkose and prevention of relapse in children Manual
Samarkand, 2017 Shamsiev J.A.,
Davranov B.M.,
S. S. Davlatov
3. Light diagnostics of the respiratory system Manual
Samarkand, 2017 Shamsiev J.A.,
Mardieva G.M.,
Yusupov Sh.A.
4. Complex treatment of cryptorchidism in children Manual
Samarkand, 2018
V. A. Kim