The main goal of the clinic is to create conditions for obtaining theoretical knowledge and mastering practical skills in clinical disciplines by students and students of postgraduate courses of the university, as well as providing qualified inpatient and outpatient care, in accordance with the established procedure, by the Ministry of Health of the Republic, citizens of Uzbekistan and citizens of other states.

The clinic performs the following main tasks:

  • Providing clinical training of medical personnel and nurses with higher education for work in practical health care to improve the quality of medical care to the population.
  • Provision of qualified specialized planned medical care in accordance with the international standard for diagnosis and treatment of adults and children in inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Protection of motherhood and childhood, as well as the improvement of women of childbearing age.
  • Ensuring the prevention of viral hepatitis B, C, AIDS and compliance with the sanitary-epidemiological, disinfection regime in the clinic in accordance with the current Sanitary Norms and Rules.
  • Providing advisory and practical assistance to seriously ill patients through air ambulance.
  • Conducting master classes by leading professors, associate professors of the institute and head departments of the clinic for practical doctors in a planned manner.
  • Formation of a preventive orientation in the activities of doctors, taking into account environmental changes in the environment.
  • Carrying out sanitary and educational work on the prevention of infectious diseases, as well as raising the level of medical culture and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the population.
  • Providing scientific, practical and methodological assistance to medical institutions of regions and districts of the Republic.